Emat. Displays and Showroom Projects. Company.






In 1970 EMAT is born as a family enterprise that works fundamentally with the metal as raw material. From 1985 we specialize ourselves in the sector of the design and the production of ceramic tile displays, creating our own brand in 1999. We possess a wide range of suppliers characterized equally in decades of experience in the sector.



The effort of all our employees and also that of our suppliers is the best guarantee to reach a satisfactory result: products of high quality in the minor possible time. His confidence is our major reward.


Research and development

Conscious of the need of improvement in the functionality, permanence and design, we do of the investigation one of the fundamental aspects of our work, which gives like proved the inscription of numerous industrial models in the Spanish Office of Patents and Brands.



With the qualit certificate of our raw materials and an exhaustive control in each and every of the phases of production (court, mechanized, weld, lacquer, packaging and assembly), we offer a lasting and totally guaranteed product. The permanence of our models allows to realize the change of pieces of ancient exhibitors with great facility.